Peace and Freedom Organization held the first meeting of the of Freedom Ambassadors’ Network on April 26-29 in Erbil, which was launched from the project " widening the  Space for ​​Civil Society Organizations in Iraq " in partnership with the Norwegian People's Aid Organization


The project focuses not only on enabling organizations to communicate with each other, but also on building and developing relationships and opening prospects for cooperation with universities, media, unions, and society in general.


More precisely, PFO will work closely with Freedom Ambassadors’ Network to expand its framework to be the cornerstone of a grand alliance in Iraq.


This alliance will then actively promote public awareness of rights and freedoms as well as exert more pressure on lawmakers and decision makers to improve the legal framework for rights and freedoms and ensure that these rights are guaranteed on the ground.


Where the first two days of the meeting focused on the audit a base line research that has already been prepared by PFO to show the reality of civil society, in addition to the drafting of the internal rules of procedure of the network and the appointment of the administrative body, which was represented by the following committees: Legal Committee, Research and Studies Committee, Management and Finance Committee, Projects Committee, Relations and information Committee.


In the last two days, the members of the network were trained to monitor human rights violations and freedom of expression, and what are the local and international mechanisms for that.