PFO in partnership with Baghdad Women's Association and coordination with the Directorate of Civil Defense / Al-Rusafa general emergency department carried out three campaigns in different parts of the capital, Baghdad.


Sergio de Mello's Najaf and Baghdad’s team participated in sterilizing three alleys in the Sadr City by sterilizing 15 houses completely as contacts and infections, 4 cases and 11 contacts. During the campaign, the team was harassed by a militia controlling the area, after the police, army and civil defense intervened and pursued the perpetrators of the attack, and they also showed that this organization (Peace and Freedom Organization) is working in coordination with government agencies and any attack on their members is an attack on the security forces.


Later, the team went to al-Azamiyah area to carry out a campaign of sterilization of civilian houses, in addition to distributing brochures specifically in Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street and Antar Square, a booklet containing protection instructions against the dangers of the Coronavirus virus.


The last part of the campaigns included sterelizing of 2 infected houses and 8 houses surrounding the two houses where sodium hypochlorite was used 11% with a mixing rate of 1:6 as a house contained a death case by COVID-19.