Holding discussion sessions via the Internet in the presence of youth from both gender from Anbar province, where the first session was held on 28/5/2020 on the building the capacity for the volunteer team to achieve the goal of Musawat project, where those youth will help in implementing activities in Anbar


This session was followed by a webinar on anti-hate speech against women during the Corona pandemic on 10/6/2020. Where the guests of the webinar were: Eman Abdel-Rahman: Director of the Women’s Leadership Institute, activist and advocate for women rights, as well as with Walid Ali Abdi, director of Protection Digital Rights and an activist in digital rights. Where the webinar attended by Anbar youth from both gender


The discussion focused on the problems experienced by women due to hate speech that appeared during the Corona pandemic period and its reasons, whether they were social or legal, as well as mentioning discrimination in the Iraqi law for religious minoritie


This activity is conducting by Anbar team within Musawat project wcich is implementing by Peace and Freedom Org. and Moja Org. supporting by PAX the Dutch Org