"Nineveh Women" is a monthly magazine that publishes as print version  or online edition. This magazine is being prepared by the gender team and project manager in (Local Peace Committees- LPC) in Nineveh Plain. The Local Peace Committees project is implemented and managed by the Peace and Freedom Organization.


This magazine: From Issue  (0) to this new issue, it seeks to achieve the goals of its strategy, which is essentially part of the general strategy for the Local Peace Committees project, and it is also part of the horizon and role of the Peace and Freedom Organization in the Nineveh Plain and other regions in Iraq.


The topics in this issue, like those in the previous issues, are serious and full of information, in addition to containing technical and literary topics that can be beneficial and enjoy reading, we wish you to share and publish the magazine link between your peers, through publishing and sharing, you provide direct support to women in Nineveh Plain and Mosul.