On 7/15/2020, a dialogue session was held by peace and freedom organization through the zoom program on the economic and social reality of the workers in the liberated areas with the participation of labor unions in the province of Kirkuk (the General Federation of Trade Unions in Iraq and the General Federation of Trade Unions of Iraq and the Union of Labor Councils Kirkuk Branch)

 Governmental bodies including (the Occupational Health and Safety Division of Kirkuk) and non-governmental organizations (Al-Rakiza Organization for Business Innovation and Training and Education Center) . They discussed the economic and social reality and work environment for workers in these areas in light of the crises and problems that once these areas taken control by ISIS, they also focused on the period of displacement and the housing of families in the camps and the last recent coronavirus epidemic which directly affected the life of the working class.

In the end of the session some decisions were taken included the formation of a special committee and drafting an action plan  that applicable to solute the problems.