• A Field Visit to the Independent Human Rights Commission

    A Field Visit to the Independent Human Rights Commission

  • Training on common ground approache and stratigic communication to religious engagement

    Training on common ground approache and stratigic communication to religious engagement

  •  (JISRA) inter-religious dialogue session in Kirkuk

     (JISRA) inter-religious dialogue session in Kirkuk

  • The Dutch Ambassador to Iraq visited the Peace and Freedom Organization

    The Dutch Ambassador to Iraq visited the Peace and Freedom Organization

  • Conflict Transformation Training

    Conflict Transformation Training

  •  JISRA-Advisory body meeting in Erbil

     JISRA-Advisory body meeting in Erbil

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PFO reports

  • The reality of civil society organizations and the nature of the relationship between civil society organizations and (authorities, universities, media, and unions)
    Widening the space for Civil Society Organizations in Iraq in Collaboration with NPA (Norwegian People Aid)

  • The Condition of Minority workers in Iraq and Kurdistan Region
    The Condition of Minority workers in Iraq and Kurdistan Region

  • Launching the second report on the demonstrations in Iraq(The Smoke Rain)
    On December 10-11, 2019, the Peace and Freedom Organization met with the Freedom Ambassadors Network and the Field Monitoring and Monitoring Team Sergio Dimlo, where, with joint efforts, the Peace and Freedom Organization launched its second report, entitled (Smoke Rain), which dealt with the recent violations of demonstrators in central and southern Iraq and covered the report. The time period from October 25 to December 1.


Other Reports

  • Iraq Report, Comprehensive International Review
    The UN report on the international human rights situation and the international obligations of Iraq in this regard is presented in the report. The report presents an important set of recommendations to Iraq, which Iraq agreed to and must be implemented during the period of the comprehensive review.

  • Creative Diversity
    Road map to promote pluralism in Iraq, by Dr. Saad Salloum from the Tracks Foundation publications

  • Ayazidio Iraq in the trap of rivalry flying in their neighborhood.
    On January 2, the Kurdistan Regional Government closed the offices of Yazda, a non-governmental organization in Dohuk that provides vital support to Yezidis who fled the so-called "Islamic state" in 2014. The closure of Yazda's The Yazidis have their future in the hands of the leadership of the Kurdistan Regional Government, a leadership that is increasingly sliding into tyranny. The move reminded the Yazidis that they were stuck in a trap between the Kurdish factions on the one hand and the Kurds and the Iraqi central government on the other.


Photos Activities

Articles& studies

  • The crisis of displacement and the problems of displaced people (Turkmen and Shabak) in Najaf
    What are the most prominent problems experienced by survivors of violence (Turkmen and Shabak) with the host community in the way of Yassin? How are your situations in the holy city of Najaf?

  • The impact of sectarianism on the non-return of Baiji refugees to their city
    Do you think the influence of sectarianism is a major reason for the return of the people of Baiji? Is the presence of non-governmental armed groups the obstacle to the return of people to their city? Is the local government action weak and does not produce results that lead to positive solutions?

  • Fears of return to Sinjar
    A field study on the return fears of the citizens of Sinjar, where their views were analyzed and analyzed by the young man Faisal Ghanem, as part of a program we are all citizens of a joint program between the Organization for Peace and Freedom and the Dutch Pax

  • Study on the fears of returning to Shankal after the urging
    Before the night of August 3, 2014 was living in Shankal a number of religions and nationalities and doctrines was the religion of Yazidis as the majority and the religion of Islam and Christianity fewer and Sunnis and Shiites and Shabak and other nationalities were living these Iraqi communities well com


Kurdistan social forum

  • Support journalists and activists
    Freedom of expression and media working group led by Peace and Freedom Organization gathered with a group of activists and journalists within the context of the Kurdistan Social Forum on 18/7/2019 in PFO’s office/Erbil. The meeting’s goal was to discuss how to work on protecting and ensuring activists >>>>

  • Kurdistan Social Reform has added an education platform
    With the initiative of the Peace and Freedom organization and within the working context of the Kurdistan Social Reform, the education platform has been established in erbil city on July 16th 2019 ....

  • Principles of the World Social Forum
    The Committee of Brazilian Organizations, after assessing the results of the Forum and the expectations raised by its members, considers it necessary and legitimate to establish a Charter of Principles to serve as a guide to this initiative in its ongoing endeavor. While the principles enshrined in the Charter - which must be respected by all those who wish to participate in this process as well as the organization of new forms of the World Social Forum - represent an integrated synthesis of the decisions that prevailed at the Forum in Porto Alegre and emphasized its success, Those decisions and draws directions derived from their logic.

  • The Kurdistan Social Forum supports the
    The presentation of images and the expression of views through different means, one of the basic human rights. But in the Kurdistan Region and freedom of expression is also subjected to many threats, the freedom of women also in the face of great threats.


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