12 volunteers’ youth from Musawat project implemented by the Peace and Freedom Organization in Iraq participated with the project coordinator in the regional camp which conducted by PAX the Dutch organization in Amman - Jordan with the participation of youth from Musawat Lebanon and Musawat Palestine, as well as the employees of PAX organization.

The regional camp aims to involve youth from the three countries, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, to exchange the experiences they gained in Musawat program for the three years. The camp’s sections varied between dialogue and discussion sessions on topics promoted coexistence and diversity, training sessions on advocacy, as well included entertainment and team-building exercises to strengthen links among the youth from the three countries.

Program partner organizations also participated in the camp; which they are: Iraq: Peace and Freedom Organization

Palestinian: Center for Peace and Democracy


Lebanon: ALEF: Act for Human Rights - Peace of Art - SADA

Note that Musawat project is a regional project implemented by PAX and its partners in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine since 2020, and this is the first meeting for young people from the three countries as well as the staff working within the program