Peace and Freedom Organization-PFO in partnership with the International Labour Organization (ILO), collaboratively implementing the Employment Intensive Investment Programme.
The program focuses on three cultural heritage skills to be developed for a group of workers and technicians in the Erbil Citadel.


The training encompasses tourist guidance-related skills, stone paving skills, and construction bricklaying skills.

The first day of the training on January 17, 2023, focused on a set of basic instructions for the program including health and safety to the workers and how important it is to preserve the archaeological areas of restoration and reconstruction in the ancient heritage form.

The training is planned to last 20 consecutive days for both theoretical and practical activities in the center of Erbil city in the Citadel area.

Noteworthy to mention that Peace and Freedom-PFO is implementing the project in partnership with the International Labor Organization (ILO).