With the initiative of the Peace and Freedom organization and within the working context of the Kurdistan Social Reform, the education platform has been established in erbil city on July 16th 2019.

Establishing the platform came after several meetings with a group of volunteer youth, students and activists. In the meeting the need for an initiative and a diverse group of individuals to work on the education sector in Kurdistan region was emphasized.

In this regard the platform is an opportunity for civil society organization’s work, teachers & students & women and the teachers union to be more obvious in order to ensure the educational rights and advancing the educational sector in kurdistan. 

In the latest meeting, it was decided that the education platform to be an open and available opportunity to any individuals or groups that believe in civic duties and volunteer work and for the existence of an advanced education system that meets the needs of the kurdish society. 

Furthermore, Plans for future activities were discussed and decided on. And the unanimous decision was to prepare several reports about the reality of teachers and students rights as well as to evaluate the education curriculum.